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How to avoid 7 common mistakes for your website

Bounce rates measure how many visitors leave your website after they have only spent a short time in it. If you have high bounce rates on your pages, this can have several reasons. In this article we will show you how you can prevent 7 common mistakes in your online shop to easily improve user-friendliness […]

The “About Us” page: What you should communicate about your shop

The “About Us” page is a great way to offer a closer look to your brick-and-mortar business and thus gain the trust of your customers. Along with other factors such as high-quality product photos or detailed descriptions of your products, a well-crafted “About us” page can have a lasting influence on your customers’ buying decisions. […]

How to find the right categories for your website

Are you looking for the right structure for your website? An intuitive category structure can significantly improve visitors’ impression of your website by allowing them to easily find what they are looking for. Even if websites differ considerably in what they offer, there are practical approaches for structuring online presence – websites as well as […]

Equipping for the future: the SWOT analysis

To prepare your brick-and-mortar business and website for the future and set the right priorities, doing a SWOT analysis is a best practice. It enables you to identify and understand current strengths, weaknesses and other aspects of your business. We will show you how to apply this method to your business step by step in […]